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You can set up the metronome to sync across all devices on the same wifi network. Ableton Link will sync the tempo for anyone who enables the link on the same wifi network, even across different plans or Service Types.

If you have two different ministries in your church that want to use metronome sync at the same time, they will need to be on different wifi networks.

Set Up Linking

Each session participant will need to set up Ableton link on their own device.

To start, enter the metronome toolbar, and then tap Sync to access the Metronome settings.

Sync button

Tap Ableton Link.

Enable link settings.

  1. To sync the metronome tempo in realtime with others connected to the same wifi, enable the Ableton Link.
  2. Enable in-app notifications when linked apps join or leave.
  3. To start or stop your metronome when a leader does, enable Sync Start/Stop. If you enable Ableton Link after a leader has already started playback, you will have to manually start yours.
  4. View the number of link-enabled apps are currently connected.

Tap Back when you are finished setting up the link.

If you will be the metronome leader, set the leader settings.

  1. Enable to set yourself as leader.
  2. Enable Pause when changing songs when you want to automatically pause the metronome when changing songs in PDF view.

Music Stand has two syncing features. You can sync page turns using Sessions, and you can sync the metronome using Ableton Link. These two syncing features work independently and can be set up separately.

How Sync Works

Once the link settings are enabled:

  • The Sync button and beat circles turn blue.
  • If start/stop is enabled, the play button turns blue.
  • If you are the leader, you see a blue star.

Click the play button in the upper left corner to start the metronome.

Sync leader star

If you are the metronome leader:

  • Changes you make to tempo will be immediately synced to other connected devices.
  • When you start or stop the metronome, other devices listening for start/stop commands will start or stop.
  • When you flip pages to a new song, the tempo of the new song will be immediately sent to everyone.
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