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Music Stand for Android and iOS allows you to control page turns, the metronome, and the audio player using a bluetooth foot pedal or midi device. Most bluetooth foot pedals should be compatible without requiring any special support or updates to Music Stand.

The following are the pedals we specifically know about, though once again, any standard bluetooth pedal should work.

AirTurn Foot Pedal

AirTurn Foot Pedal

There are 2 bluetooth foot pedals that we recommend. The all-in-one PED and the AirTurn BT-105, which is a transmitter can that be hooked up to any footswitch.

At first, the iPad keyboard won't show up when the AirTurn is connected, but if you press the red power button (or Keyboard button on the PED) it will show the virtual keyboard.

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PageFlip Cicada and Firefly Foot Pedals

PageFlip Cicada & Firefly Foot Pedals

The Cicada by PageFlip is another great option. The Cicada is an all-in-one unit with more physical switches. You can still plug in your own custom pedals, but since its pedals are already built-in, it's not necessary. This pedal is much smaller than it looks in the pictures, but is still slightly larger than the AirTurn. The physical on/off switch is a great feature as well as the five buttons to choose what keys are triggered by each pedal.

The Firefly is PageFlip's newest premium pedal. It takes the Cicada pedal and incorporates a whole set of features suggested by Cicada users: illuminated pedals, programmable pedal modes, independently programmed external pedals, longer inactivity period before entering sleep mode, wireless and wired connectivity options, ergonomic design, and more heft for rugged use.

With both pedals, the iPad keyboard won't show up when they are first connected, but if you press the current mode button (the one next to the blinking light),  it will show the virtual keyboard.

STOMP Foot Pedal

If you are looking for a rugged bluetooth 4.0 pedal with 9V battery or 9V DC power options, STOMP is a great choice. The pedal is 100% made in America, has a solid metal enclosure, and would make a great addition to your pedal board or gig bag.

STOMP has two solid foot switches and up to four programmable modes, each selectable with illuminated buttons. It even has a USB charging port, in case you need to charge up your tablet or smartphone!

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Additional Pedal Information

  • If you need to plug a USB keyboard or foot pedal into your iPad, you can use the USB to Dock connector included in Apple's iPad Camera Connector Kit, available for about $30 on their online store.
  • To connect a Bluetooth device, you need to enable Bluetooth and pair your device. You can set this in General Settings.
  • If your pedal is programmable, we recommend setting it to use the "f" and "b" keys for forward and back, respectively.
  • For the STOMP Pedal: Go to the Music Stand Settings section to set up the pedals Left and Right buttons to the Page Left/Back and Page Right/Forward.

The iPad cannot recognize some keys from some input devices, such as "Page up" or "Page down", because they are not ordinary letters or numbers. To see what keys correspond to your pedals, you can open up the Notes app on your iPad, and start pressing pedals.

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