Music Stand 4.2 for iOS

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NEW: Editing lyrics & chords is now available!

  • Editors and Admins can edit lyrics & chords created within Planning Center from the quick transpose popup, the file chooser menu, and the Songs sidebar. 


  • Those with Scheduler permissions or lower can now edit the BPM of a song with the metronome, and store that specifically on their device without it updating to the entire account.
  • If you return to a PDF while the metronome is playing, the metronome toolbar will stay visible so you can access it quickly.
  • If lyrics & chords have been edited outside of Music Stand, you’ll see the option to download an updated PDF with the changes.
  • Refreshing the Plan will now check if a PDF created on the Media page has been updated.
  • The setlist view was unnecessarily refreshing every time you returned to it from a PDF, rather than allowing you to refresh when desired.

If you like the Music Stand app or even just our bug fixes, we'd love an App Store review! If you have any issues, use the app's built-in help to email us so we can write back. Each bug fix in this release was submitted by someone like you!

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