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The Settings hold lots of helpful options in customizing your experience with Music Stand.

From the Sidebar, select Settings.


The Settings will pop up in the middle of your screen and is split into sections.

In the Plan section, you can choose to show Item Descriptions on the Order of Service and allow your screen to sleep, even it if's viewing a plan.


Choose options for the PDFs in each plan.

  1. You can scroll through music horizontally with single or double page in landscape, or you can scroll vertically with a single page or half page.

  2. If you don't want to accidentally zoom when in full-screen mode, choose to only be able to zoom when the toolbar is on the screen.

  3. The status bar with cell network, wifi, time, bluetooth, and battery percentage can be hidden to take up no room on your screen.

  4. To see what item or key in the service is happening next, enable the appropriate preview.

If you're using a foot pedal or midi player, you can set the actions for those inputs, so when you do that action on the device, Music Stand will change pages or show the metronome or audio player.


When you view files, they are cached to your device in case you need to access the files when you're offline. If your app takes up too much space on your device, you can delete these files from the Cache section.


GameKit and Pusher are two ways the mobile apps communicate with other devices.


Unless you're troubleshooting with our Support Team, please leave these enabled.

If you want a second screen, such as a confidence monitor, to show what's on your screen, enable that second screen option.

second screen_settings.jpeg

To view more information about how we created Music Stand as well as our Privacy Policy, select the appropriate tab.

The Staging Server is to be used with the Support Team in case you need advanced help.

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