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Music Stand is an iOS and Android PDF-reader app that connects directly to your Services account to let you view lyric sheet and chord chart PDFs. Open Music Stand, select a plan, and view your PDFs in a digital songbook!

Music Stand downloads PDFs from the song arrangement or key listed in the plan. You can create these PDFs by uploading your own file, importing from SongSelect or PraiseCharts, or by creating them in the Lyrics & Chords Editor.

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  1. Upload your own file or import a SongSelect or PraiseCharts file to a key.
  2. Enter lyrics or chord charts into the Lyrics & Chords Editor.

Although you can upload your own created chord charts, we highly recommend you use the Lyrics & Chords Editor:

  • The chord charts will transpose themselves every time you add a key.
  • Musicians can transpose keys on-the-fly from Music Stand.
  • You have full control over the formatting, and if you update the chart in the Editor, all charts in all keys are updated.
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