Connect to an External Display

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Connect wirelessly to an external display, like a TV, so everyone can see the same screen. To connect wirelessly, you must have the second generation (or higher) AppleTV connected via HDMI to your screen. The iPad connects wirelessly to the AppleTV box which then displays your music on the TV.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and tap the Airplay icon or Screen Mirroring.

Control Center

Select your AppleTV.

AppleTV options

If Mirroring isn't an option, make sure you have the second generation AppleTV or later, or the iPad2 or later and that they've been updated to the most recent software.

Your iPad is wirelessly streaming to your TV
  • The external display shows two pages at a time and is synchronized with whatever is showing on your iOS device.
  • Your music will continue to show even if you return to the plan screen to make any changes.
  • Changes to annotations will update live to your TV when you tap Done.
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