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Our apps are used by tens of thousands of churches around the world, so if you are a volunteer at your church with a question specific to your church, you might need to contact your ministry leader directly. However, if you're a Services Scheduler, Editor, or Admin, Planning Center University videos and the Slack Community give lots of great feedback!

Planning Center University

We held an all-day training event at our Carlsbad Offices to help teams get up to speed with the full suite of Planning Center apps. Since not everyone can travel to see us, we recorded the class! We keep the content updated, and you can also watch the recordings at any time. This information is available to anyone who uses Planning Center!


If you need more help outside of just Music Stand, view all the videos from the last session!

Slack Community

The Planning Center Community on Slack is a great way for churches to share advice and connect with each other using chat. These are just some of the ways people are engaging in Slack:

  • Share Planning Center best practices and pro tips
  • Post pictures or plans of your church layout (for Check-Ins or Services)
  • Ask questions about how other folks are using our features
  • Offer your own productivity tips
  • Link to any relevant articles you've enjoyed about productivity, workflows, etc.

If you have a part in implementing any Planning Center app at your church, sign up and join the conversation!

Help Button

If you can't find the answers you're needing from University videos or Slack, our Support Team is always here to help! Use the help button from the sidebar to find articles or send an email to support.

Help Box

Search articles, send an email to Support, or review the app to help others find it.

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