An Introduction to Viewing Lyrics and Chords with Planning Center Music Stand iOS

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Planning Center Music Stand is an app for iPad and Android devices that connects directly to your Planning Center Services account to let you view your lyric sheet & chord chart PDFs. Open Music Stand, select one of your dates, and view your PDFs in a digital songbook! Click here to download the iOS app (The latest version requires iOS 8.4 and up)

Option 1. Create Lyric Sheets and Chord Charts From Within Planning Center Services

  • Music Stand is designed to download PDFs with any lyrics and chords you add into the Lyrics & Chords Editor on your song's "Arrangment" page in Planning Center Services.
  • If you already use this feature to create chord charts, you've already done 100% of the work to create a lyrics sheet, because Planning Center Services will simply create a sheet that strips out the chords to instantly create a lyric-only PDF for you.

NOTE: If your lyrics or chords are currently in a doc (Word) file, Music Stand will not support that format; it supports PDF only. However, you can copy + paste them into the editor.

Option 2. Upload PDF files of your Lyrics and Chord Charts

Since Music Stand is a PDF-reader app, you can also use any PDF files that are attached to a Key in your Song Arrangement pages, and when you load your plan in Music Stand, the app will download those PDF files for you to view. This includes files you have uploaded, or imported from SongSelect or PraiseCharts .

Here is a link to our article all about Adding Attachments.

How to Enable Music Stand and Try it out

If you'd like to give Music Stand a try, you'll also get a 30 day free trial period!

Here's our article about Enabling Music Stand On Your Account.

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