Reordering Pages

You can reorder, remove and duplicate pages in Music Stand to prevent multiple page turns or avoid going backwards when there are repeats in your music. Instead drag duplicate copies of your pages so that you only have to move forward. Reordering pages is saved for that PDF, so all users viewing that PDF will see the saved page order.

Tap and Hold, Choose Reorder

Tap and Hold, Choose Reorder
  1. Tap and hold any item with an attached PDF in the Order of Service
  2. Tap Reorder Pages in the top toolbar.

Reorder or remove pages

Reorder or remove pages
  1. The top main section is your selected page order. Drag pages around to reorder them or tap the x to remove them from the order.
  2. The bottom section is all available pages within the PDF. To add pages to your order, tap them in the bottom section to add them to the end of the list in the top section. Then drag them where you'd like them to go.

Notice in the screenshot above that the top section has page 1, page 2 and another copy of page 1. There is a repeat on Page 2 that would cause me to go back to page 1, so instead of going back, I just add a duplicate copy of Page 1, so that when I start the song, I always just go forward. This is even more helpful if you use Codas or need to skip pages completely.

When you are done, tap the Save button in the bottom right.

Page order is saved for anyone who is viewing that same PDF from within Music Stand. The PDF file itself isn't changed, but anyone who views that particular PDF file in Music Stand will use the same custom page order.

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