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Each user can make notes on PDFs, which are saved for that PDF. If that user loads the same PDF in the future, their notes will still be there.

Annotations made while you are offline will sync when you are back on an internet connection; however, annotations aren't available until they're synced.

Create Your Own Annotations

Choose a song from a plan or from the Songs tab and click the Annotations Icon.

If you don't see this status bar when you open the song, tap the middle of the page, and the bar will drop down. Tapping the sides will switch pages.

Add any annotations you'll want to see when playing or practicing

  1. The pen tool lets you draw freeform.
  2. The highlighter tool highlights any area of the page. As you draw it appears in front of the text, but after hitting the Done button, it blends in.
  3. Draw a rectangle on the screen to erase any pen or highlighting within the rectangle. It will not erase text from a text box or the PDF.
  4. The Text tool allows you to type in text using a keyboard. To move text, tap and hold it until it's outlined in blue then drag it. To delete, tap and choose delete on the top right in the keyboard
  5. Change the color or the size of the pen or highlighter tools
  6. Undo the last action. You can continue to press Undo to undo actions performed in your current editing session, but once you press Done, you will not be able to undo.
  7. Clear all annotations, including pen, highlighter and text, from either the page or the entire attachment.
  8. Tap Done when you are finished.

View Other Annotations

To view another person's annotations, tap your name and then choose a different name.

You'll be taken to their annotations, but you cannot edit them; if you tap one of the edit options, you'll be given the option to Replace or Merge them with yours.

  • Replace will permanently delete your existing annotations and replace them with the other user's annotations. You will not be able to get your annotations back.
  • Merge will add their annotations to yours, so you can see and edit them both.

These annotations were merged, so both users' annotations are on one screen:

If you don't want to keep the annotations, use the undo icon to remove the other annotations and go back to your annotations.

If you want to keep the changes, tap Done.

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