Jul 20 - 3.3.1 In-app Help & various fixes

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Some little improvements to the metronome, annotations, sessions, and our Help section


  • You can now search our online documentation & communicate with our support team right from within the app. Just tap “Help” in the left sidebar to find those options & even follow up with more details by going to your “Existing Requests”.


  • If you join a session with someone who is already viewing a pdf, you’ll be taken right to the same page as soon as you connect.


  • The Metronome audio will now continue to play even when you leave the app.
  • Text annotations made on iPad weren’t scaling down correctly for some iPhones, so we stuck up for the little guy & sorted that dispute out.


  • Some layout fixes only people daring enough to try an early version of iOS 9 beta had troubles with.
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