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You can download Planning Center Music Stand from the App Store here:

Log in to Music Stand

Enter in your email/phone number and password, and then click the checkmark button.

Enter in your email/phone number and password, then click the checkmark button.

If you don't see the onscreen keyboard, it's because you have a foot pedal or keyboard plugged in and your iPad thinks that should be your keyboard. You can tap the icons in each input field a second time to bring up the keyboard. If you are using the AirTurn pedal, tap the red button once to toggle keyboard mode.

If you've already logged into Music Stand on this iPad and saved your info when you logged out, you can click the Switch User button at the top left to quickly log in to a different account.

Open a Plan

Open a Plan

On your first launch, all you have to do is select a plan. Here's how to come back here later:

  1. Tap the menu button or swipe to the right to open the sidebar.
  2. Make sure you are on the Plans tab.
  3. Tap a plan to open it. The My Schedule section is shown for all users at the top of the Plans tab. If you have high enough permissions, you might also see the other folders and Service Types in  your church's account to find plans you aren't scheduled for.

Switch to PDF View

From the Order of Service view, tap any song with a PDF attached to flip to PDF view. Make sure you tap the song name, since tapping the file name will allow you to choose from other available PDFs.

Tap on any item with a PDF to switch to PDF view.
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