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If you create your chord charts in Services by using the Lyrics and Chord Editor, you can quickly change the notes to another key--even to a Number or Numeral chart.

Tap the screen to show the toolbar. If your chart was made by the Lyrics and Chord Editor, you'll see its key in a circle.

Tap the circled key to transpose it.

Tap the "Quick Transpose" button on the upper right

Choose a different key from the listed options.

Choose the key you would like to transpose to

Select Number or Numeral to change format of the chart.

Once the PDF loads, the chords in your chart will transpose to the key you have chosen. The header of the chart will show the transposed key in the song arrangement information. Tap the circled key again to either return to the Default Key or transpose to any other key in the menu.

Your transposed chart will load

Transposing the key doesn't affect the plan. The song in the plan will still show the originally assigned key.

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