Looping & Listening to Audio

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If there are audio files attached to your songs, you can listen to them and even loop a specific section.

From the top of the Order of Service, tap the play button to load audio from all songs in your plan.

Audio player for the plan

From a song, tap the the screen to show the toolbar then tap the play button to open the audio player.

Enter the Audio toolbar

Any compatible audio files attached to the current song will load in the playlist at the bottom of the screen, and the first file in the list will begin playing.

Once you start playing a song, it will continue until you stop it, or it is done, even if you dismiss the audio player, scroll to a new song, or exit the app.

Audio player for one song
  1. Select the name to view a list of audio files attached to this song. If you started playing audio while viewing one song, and advanced to a new song, the original audio will still play, but the Playlist will contain the audio for the new song.
  2. Start or stop the selected song.
  3. Drag along the scrubber to skip forward or backward in the currently playing file.
  4. Select the looping button to to start the file over once it completes.

Close the Audio player by tapping anywhere outside of it. If you didn't stop the music, it will keep playing.

Loop Audio

When you tap the looping icon (#4 above), handles will appear at the beginning and end of your song. Drag the loop handles to set the in and out points of your loop.

Looping Audio

Press and hold anywhere on the scrubber to reset the loop handles to the limits of the song.

Turn looping off to resume normal functionality.

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