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When you view a plan, chord chart, or audio file, it downloads to your device, so you can access it offline. Clear the downloaded files and cached data from the app to clear out some space on your device or erase older data from a previous version.

From the sidebar, tap Settings to be taken to deleting options.

Swipe to the menu and tap "Help"

In the Cached Data section, choose what you'd like to delete.

Select a Cache option from the "Settings" menu
1. Delete One or All

Each section allows you to delete one or all of the files in it.

Once you choose the section of files you'd like to remove, select the files you want to remove from your device then tap Delete.

Remove a PDF (or audio file) from the Cached/Downloaded Content

If you want to delete all the files, simply tap Delete All.

delete all

Your files will be deleted from your device, but they can still be accessed from the plan to be downloaded to your device again.

2. Clear Saved Users

If you tap Clear Saved Users, you'll have to confirm before those users are removed.

clear saved users

If you're having trouble logging in, clearing the saved users should fix any login problems.

If clearing out the data doesn't fix any issue you were having, try deleting the app and reinstalling. If you have other issues, email our Support Team from the Help button on the sidebar.

Swipe to the menu and tap "Help"
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