Use a Foot Pedal or Keyboard to Turn Pages

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Music Stand allows you to control page turns, the metronome, and audio player using a bluetooth foot pedal or midi device. Most foot pedals should be compatible without requiring any special support or updates to Music Stand.

Configure Pedal Input

Your device might not recognize some keys from input devices, such as Page up or Page down, because they are not ordinary letters or numbers. To see what keys correspond to your pedals, you can open up the Notes app on your mobile device and start pressing pedals.

If your pedal is programmable, set it to use the f and b keys for forward and back, respectively.

If you are using the STOMP pedal, check out this video for tips on setting it up to use with Music Stand.

If you have paired your bluetooth pedal to your tablet but are finding it difficult to turn the pages, your pedal may be on the wrong Mode or Profile. Check your pedal's documentation on how to change the mode in order for your pedal to be able to turn pages in Music Stand.

Customize Music Stand

To customize Music Stand to turn pages when you use different keys than the default up/down arrows, tap Settings from the sidebar.


Access In-App Settings for Customization

Tap Pedal & Keyboard Input to choose the controls.

Choose Pedal & Keyboard Input

Set the controls by tapping an action, and then pressing the key or pedal you want to assign to that action.

Pedal, Keyboard Settings
  1. Advance to the next page in PDF view.
  2. Go back to the previous page in PDF view.
  3. Start or stop the Audio Player.
  4. Start or stop the Metronome.
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