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Each song has its own tempo and meter, so the metronome changes as you switch songs. Turn on a visual Flash to see the beat peripherally.

From the toolbar, select the metronome icon.

Enter the Annotation Toolbar

The toolbar will give new options for the metronome.

The Metronome Toolbar
  1. Use the play icon to start or Stop the metronome. It will continue even if you close the toolbar or the app and will change settings as you change songs.
  2. Circles appear for each beat in the chosen meter and pulsate when the metronome is playing.
  3. Tap the tempo of the song to view the popup metronome.
  4. Change the meter of the song by tapping it and choosing from a dropdown list.
  5. Tap to make the entire blue toolbar flash to the beat, which is useful if you keep the toolbar visible at all times, and especially if you don't want to be staring at your music all the time.

Close the Metronome toolbar and return to the regular toolbar.

If you close the toolbar without stopping the metronome, the metronome will continue to keep the beat.

Sound Settings

From the popup metronome, select the volume icon (#6) to adjust the sound.

Sound Settings
  1. Adjust the Metronome or Audio Player volumes in relation to each other if you are trying to play audio and the metronome at the same time and are having a hard time hearing one over the other. These do not adjust the device volume.
  2. Choose which type of sound the metronome should use
  3. Uncheck to prevent the metronome from playing the downbeats louder than the sub-beats.
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