Enabling/Disabling Music Stand

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Music Standis allows you and your team to access all of their chord charts, lyrics, or sheet music for their scheduled plans. To learn more aboutMusic Stand, check out ourOverview Page on our web site.

Switch to Accounts app using the App Switcher

While on any Planning Center app page, the app name in the upper-left corner reveals any app you can access. Click app name then clickAccounts.

Note: onlyOrganization Administratorswill have access to theAccounts.

Switch to Apps menu

At the top of the screen, click the button that saysAppssee and change your subscriptions.

Enable Music Stand
Click the check mark to enable Music Stand under the Services Applications section

Once you're inAccounts, go to theApplications Page. Under theServicessection, clickSubscribeto enableMusic Stand.

Great! Now that you've enabledMusic Stand, it's time to take the app for a spin!

Here's our lesson aboutUsing Music Standto help get you on your way.

Disable Music Stand
To Disable Music Stand, click on the "X" button.

If you'd like to disableMusic Stand, go back to theApplications Pageand clickUnsubscribe.

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