Setting Up a New Music Stand Account

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Welcome to Music Stand! Once you'veenabled the app, we'll help you set up your Music Stand account by showing you how to open a plan, make and share notes on chord charts, sync page turns, and use Music Stand on the web if you don't have a mobile device.

Download Music Stand from theGoogle Play Storeand sign in using your Services login.

The mobile app requires Android 3.2 and up.

The Music Stand app has a dashboard, holding your schedule and all plans. Tap a plan to view it, or to see all plans, tapBrowse All Plans.

The plan is laid out as it's shown in Services.

  1. Boxed information is the Item Description
  2. Items with attached PDF files show a dropdown
  3. Depending on your permissions, you couldadd to the plan

Tap an item to view the chord chart then swipe, tap, or use afoot pedalto go to the next chord chart.

Tap the screen to open the toolbar.Loopa section on the attached track, utilize themetronome, or makenoteson the chord chart.

Tap the pencil to open the annotations toolbar.

Write notes, highlight sections, erase notes, or type using the tools.

ChooseDoneto save your notes.

A teammate can choose to view your annotations and even combine yours with theirs!

Tap the person at the top left of the chord chart and choose whose annotations you'd like to view.

Sessions allow team members to sync page turnswith one person in control of changing the pages.

From the menu, chooseSessionsto start or connect to a session.

1. Control a Session

When you start a session, you'll see a green Music Stand header as well as a list of those who have joined your session.

The green header is shown on the device of the person controling the page turns.

Close the session at any time.

2. Join a Session

To join a session instead of starting one, tapConnect to a Sessionthen choose the session available.

When you connect to a session, your Music Stand header turns red, and you'll see the same pages as the device in control.

If you don't have a mobile device but still want to use Music Stand, hover overrehearsein any plan and chooseMusic Standto launchWeb Music Stand.

Music Stand will load and open the first available chord chart in the plan.

Use the toolbar at the bottom to return to the plan, go to the next song, make notes, or adjust settings.

The down arrrow icon hides the toolbar, so you can see the whole screen.

Once you've familiarized yourself with that flow, you're ready for your first rehearsal! Email other team members notifying them of Music Stand!

Get Help & Support

If you need any help as you're getting set up, we are here to help you!

Go the the menu and tapHelp.

When you tap that, you'll see this menu:

  1. View a list of helpful articles based on Music Stand.
  2. Email our Support Team or view existing emails you've sent.
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