Using Music Stand Android

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You can download PCO Music Stand for Android from the Google Play Store.

Log in to Music Stand

Enter in your email/phone number and password, and then click the checkmark button to log in.

Log in

Open a Plan

On your first launch, all you have to do is select a plan.

Select plan

There are three ways you can view plans:

  1. If you have high enough permissions, you can browse all plans in your account, but usually you'll just want to select a plan from My Schedule.
  2. The My Schedule section is shown for all users and includes any plans you are scheduled for.
  3. When you open a plan, it is saved to your device so you can access it when you are offline. Any saved plans are available here. If you are offline, you will only see Saved Plans.

Choose PDFs and Switch to PDF View

In the Order of Service view, tap any song with a PDF attached to switch to PDF view. Make sure you tap the song name, which will allow you to choose from other available PDFs.

Choose PDF
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