Adding Songs and Editing Your Order of Service

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If you have Editor or Administrator permissions, you can add new songs and edit your order of service from within Android Music Stand.

Add Songs to your Plan

Tap the "+" Button to bring up the Songs library on the menu bar.

Drag and drop songs or files to add them to your plan.

If your song has only one Arrangement and Key, they will be chosen automatically. If not, you will need to choose which arrangement and which key before it is added.

Reorder your Plan

  1. Tap and hold on the item you want to reorder, and it will pop up on your screen
  2. Drag the item and drop it into the place you want it in your Order of Service

Editing Items in your Plan

Tap the item settings button to see the Edit and Delete options.

  • Tap Edit to change any details about this item.
  • Tap Delete to remove this item from the plan (this cannot be undone).

You will be temporarily switched over to the Services app to edit the item. If you don't have this app on your device, it will prompt you to install it first.

Remember that your files can be attached to the song, the arrangement, or the key. If you have a chord chart attached to the key (which is recommended) and you choose the wrong key, that file won't be available in Music Stand.

See the article on Songs, Arrangements, Keys, and Files for more information.

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